Nike - Body by Dance


Body by Dance

Online conversations, peer to peer influence, even interviews with camera on, told us a very contrived, partial truth: “Gym is what I need for my health. I don’t love it in the beginning but then it makes all the sense in the world”. “Everything feels better after a good class”. “Dance is a great way of getting fit and feeling good, it’s a fun way to train.” “My mind and body feel great with training. Dancing is amazing”. Truth. But misleading truth. Offline conversations, one to one online chats, answers with no camera and women to women said something much more brutal: Body and Sex. “I really worry obsessively about my butt.” “Not so crazy about gym but crazy about looking good naked.” “Plastic surgery, yes, I fantasise a lot with it. Is it right to have a boob job done? Is it wrong? Is it stupid? Who cares, I may go for it. I have a friend who had a boob job as a present when she turned fifteen.”

Our response to surgery: A video and a song written by used with music by Gustavo Santaolalla that became the anthem at gyms and trend in YouTube. If only Tik Tok was around then…