Banco Hipotecario - Owners

Banco Hipotecario


Banco Hipotecario was our founding client and our relationship with them shows how important it is to partner with like-minded companies when it comes to creating something new.

Banco Hipotecario was founded in 1886 and has been lending money since them. It was the one who enable all the immigrants coming from Europe to get money to start all over again and therefore, dream about the future. But its image was rusty, the history forgotten and the sense of purpose, lost.

We wanted to give them their pride back by positioning them as what they were: OWNER CREATORS.

A three-minute spot celebrating the joy of being “owners” run only twice because of money limitations was the perfect strategy to get the whole country talk about “The Hipotecario”.

After this, Banco Hipotecario set the benchmark for the whole category for a different tone of voice. After all, talking about money can be fun.

This client showed that bravery pays off.