Madre was founded in Buenos Aires in 2005 by a group of creative, free-thinking individuals sitting around a table in a fancy hotel room eating room service. It’s here that the group decided that they were hungry – not for more Caesar salad and house burgers, but to do things differently. They wanted to bring back everything they had learnt in their years working at Mother in London and change the industry in a region that was way behind when it came to values and business practices. That’s only possible when we are free to do the best work possible, and not have to answer to any private equity firms, holding companies or indeed any other tentacle of the grotesquely swollen octopus of global capital.

Madre was one of the craziest ideas that the Founding Partners at Mother ever had. And although it didn’t make any sense businesswise, it made total sense in the stomach and in the heart, which are the right places to check when you have ideas that seem risky or nonsensical.

Madre was this dream place where everything could be possible. But, like every dream, it ended. And like every good dream, it will live forever in the minds of those who dared to dream.


Gabriela Scardaccione, Global Creative Director

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